Our Club

Who we are

We are a group of people interested in traditional Japanese games like Mahjong, Shogi or Hanafuda. At our regular club meetings at GO7 we are engaging in our hobby together.

Where we come from

How was our club born? In the year 2007 a small bunch of people in the Anime scene took a liking in Mahjong and other Japanese games. Soon they decided to start a club and thanks to our founders Gyoukou, Shigure, Greedence and FonX the first Kasu club meeting was held at January 19, 2008!

Our great logo was chosen in a contest 2009 and was contributed by Evil-Siren.

What we do

We organize tournaments on a reguar basis. They range from international Riichi tournaments to tournaments on events we visit or simply relaxed in-club KoiKoi or Riichi tournaments.

We also teach interested people how to play our games at various events (e.g. AniNite, Spielefest in Vienna, Ottakringer Japantag).

Our Board

Lena Weinguny - chairwoman
Peter Hamilton - deputy chairman
Elmar Mohsenzada - cashier
Chang Xue - deputy chashier
Verena Fenz - secretary

Legal Notice

Verein Kasu - traditionelle asiatische Spielkultur



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