New EMA ruleset


There is important news for all players who participate in EMA tournaments:

EMA recently released a revised version of their ruleset coming into effect April 01, 2016. The main reason for this is to be in line with international standards. Most of the rule changes are similar to the ruleset used at WRC 2014.

The main changes since the 2012 edition:

Red fives have been removed
Tanyao (All Simples) can be an open hand
Renho (Blessing of Man) is a mangan, not a yakuman
Dai suushii (Big Four Winds) is a yakuman, not a double yakuman
A hand with 13+ fan is scored as a sanbaiman, not a yakuman
The 3 second timing rule is removed
Swap-calling is not allowed
Temporary furiten ends when the player draws or claims a tile
Five counters implies two yaku: the rule is removed
Abortive draws are not allowed
Nagashi Mangan is not allowed
Uma is changed to 15,000/5,000/-5,000/-15,000
Chombo penalty in a tournament is 20,000 points deduction after uma
Penalty rules are slightly more lenient in some cases

The new document is available here:

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