Mini Mahjong tournament

On September 15th 2019, we are hosting a small Mahjong tournament at Go7 together with RyanPin from Graz.
We want to test a tournament software called Pantheon.
The tournament will start at 10am. We will play 4 rounds of 60 minutes (plus one hand). The EMA ruleset will be used.
The participation fee is 5€ and includes dinner (pasta) as well as some snacks. There will also be a small prize for the winner!
You can register here:
We'd be very happy about a large number of participants so we can test the system as good as possible! Don't hesitate te register even if you are a less experienced player!

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der link funktioniert nicht :-(

besteste war vorübergehend offline, jetzt sollte aber wieder alles funktionieren!
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