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Events 2016 UPDATE


Because our weekly meetings were a great success we decided to keep this rhythm!

To alternate Friday and Sunday meetings (almost) regularly, we had to change a few dates.

Also, there are two weeks without any meetings due to other meetings (Go7 General Assembly and tournament).

Please check the calendar ...

Updated Kasu Riichi rules online


Announced a long time ago, now finally available: the updated version of our Riichi rules! You can download the complete rules as well as a seperate document with scoring tables and a Yaku overview (German only).

Concerning the rules there is only one change: if you miss or discard a ...

New EMA ruleset


There is important news for all players who participate in EMA tournaments:

EMA recently released a revised version of their ruleset coming into effect April 01, 2016. The main reason for this is to be in line with international standards. Most of the rule changes are similar to the ruleset ...

Events 2016


Our meetings for the year 2016 are now fixed. You can find all dates in our events calendar.

Maybe you noticed that we will hold weekly meetings from March to May. We want to test this weekly rhythm for three months. If it proves successful we will probably decide to ... Resurrection


Wenn du diese Zeilen liest vermisst du vermutlich unsere geliebte Kasu Homepage.

Vor kurzem scheinen Cyberkriminelle auf den Server eingebrochen zu sein, auf dem unsere Homepage lag und haben ziellos Seiten inklusive Datenbank und allen Backups am Server gelöscht und durch dumme Zustände gibt es keien funktionellen Backups auf anderen ...